Cross your blog off your to-do list!

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

Brittany wrote an article for my blog, and she did a really great job researching and presenting it to my target clientele. I had people interested in reading it before we were even done with the final draft, and it got traffic to my site!
She was also just very pleasant to talk and engage with, and did a great job of finding out what my overall objectives were in sharing this content.
I will definitely keep her name on my short-list for blog ghost-writers!

— Julie R.

Tier 1

I will research and draft the posts for you, which will be sent to you in a Google Doc. This option leaves the scheduling and graphics up to you.

*monthly Pricing is for THREE months of services*

Single Post$150
2x per month$725
4x per month$1,100

Tier 2

This package takes it all off your hands! I will create the posts AND schedule them to your blog for you. All you’ll have to do is reply to emails from me once in a while!

*monthly Pricing is for THREE months of services*

Single Post$200
2x per month$950
4x per month$1,375

Social Media Graphics

Add 1-2 graphics for Facebook or Instagram to either package for just $50 per post!

Brittany’s blog post writing was very on-topic for my project. I gave her a couple ideas on subject matter + the target audience info, and she ran with it. The turn-around was quick, and I didn’t have to follow-up at all. Very professional vibe and a positive experience.

– Ash K.