What My MLM Experience Taught Me

Generally, when you mention MLMs, (Multi Level Marketing companies) people roll their eyes. MLMs are widely associated with pyramid schemes, so they leave a bad taste in peoples’ mouths. 

MLMs are assumed to be shady and manipulative. There’s a fear that you’ll be swindled out of all your savings and be left with nothing but shattered hope and low-grade product – at best. However, there are plenty of legitimate MLMs out there. It’s just usually the bad eggs that get the most attention. Personally, I find that to be true with most things. 

Before I started my content writing business, I participated in an MLM – and I loved it! While I wasn’t the best saleswoman and I certainly didn’t make much money, the experience itself was valuable. In honor of the anniversary of my first year in business, I wanted to share about the time I spent as part of an MLM and shine a light on the bright side of these unique businesses. 

Before joining an MLM, I had zero confidence. 

I was a stay at home momma to my brand new little boy. We were past the honeymoon stage of new parenthood and the exhaustion was setting in. I felt like I had lost myself, what I liked and what brought me joy. Obviously I loved my baby, but I began to feel like a mom was the only thing I was. 

I started trying different things and exploring new hobbies. Although I did make some decent candles, nothing I tried seemed to feel “right”. I realize now that I was growing into a new stage of life. Instead of trying to discover who I was NOW, I was looking for the girl I was before I became a mother. 

I couldn’t even hold Facebook conversations with people because I never knew what to say. I never reached out to people on my own. I certainly never did LIVE videos or put myself out there in front of people. I was so unsure of myself and had no sense of direction. 

Once I learned of this specific MLM selling educational products for children and babies, I got their products for my son, and I was hooked. I was still skeptical about joining, but I loved how happy my son was and how high quality the products were. 

A little time went on and I started to get to know the girl I was purchasing through. I eventually signed up and jumped right in. I figured it would at least give me something else to focus on besides childcare and housework. Before I knew it, I was talking to everyone, doing LIVE videos and hosting Facebook parties. I got to meet and connect with people all over the world and got to  learn so much more than I ever would’ve from my small town otherwise. 

I learned how to hold myself accountable. If I said I was doing a party on a certain day, I HAD to host that party. People were dependent on me and I had a brand to uphold for the first time. It was up to me to show up when I said I would, do what I said I would do and to put in the work to get to where my next goal was. 

My organizational skills had to be kicked up a few notches, too. I had to learn how to schedule out my time. Managing a small business and new mom life was exhausting, so I had to figure out routines and a schedule that worked for me. Planning ahead for the next day, the next party, the next month became very valuable. 

When I hit my first sales goal, I realized my potential.

I had never set a goal for myself and really achieved it on my own. When I actually reached my first $1,000 in sales, I realized I had real potential. I really could do something if I put my mind to it. This made my head start spinning with the things I always doubted my ability to do. 

The one thing I always had a passion for was writing. In school, I had to be taught how to take proper notes because I took too many. My research papers and book reports always got the highest grades, even when I wasn’t doing very well in any other school subjects. I wrote a short story in high school and my English teacher reached out to a publisher for me, but I chickened out and threw it away. I always wanted to be a writer, I just never saw a real opportunity to make a living as one. 

So, I started setting up a Virtual Assistant business. I figured I would do the basic, mundane, day-day functions of peoples’ businesses for them. I had only previously worked retail jobs, in childcare and as a groundskeeper at a local outdoor concert venue. I didn’t think I had any real skills, especially none there was a demand for. 

I offered blog post writing and basic copywriting as services and they quickly became my most sought after services. Everyone complimented my writing abilities and my ability to communicate with their unique audiences in the same voice they would have. So, I jumped into Hubspot, Edx, and any other education platform I could to better understand how to be a professional freelance writer. 

Just over one whole year later, here I am! 

I’m a determined, driven, focused, and powerful blog writer/manager AND mother. I have grown from everything that made me doubt myself and recognized how much I could truly achieve. I taught myself how to be self-motivated, accountable, and organized. I now have the confidence to set goals for myself and crush them.

I may not have made a fortune in monetary value through an MLM, but I sure made a fortune in knowledge, growth and direction. Be easy on those who participate in these businesses. What seemed like garbage to you could be a golden nugget to someone else.

4 thoughts on “What My MLM Experience Taught Me”

  1. Thank you for this post. I’m currently in part of a mlm business and I’m loving the personal growth and confidence im achieving. I’m not much of a sales woman either but this opportunity is helping me see that I am powerful and worthy and capable of so much more. I’m glad you had a good experience. I think for me, the greatest value of a mlm business is the mentorship and person development. Making and building an asset is the icing on the cake.

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    1. I’m so glad you’re experiencing the same growth and confidence! I know I didn’t expect it AT ALL when I started. I began to love the connections I was making with people and being able to make a positive difference in their lives (even if it was just children’s books or make up lol). Each sale definitely was a delicious little cherry on the sundae, though!


      1. Yes. Being able to add value to others life in someway is great, whether it is books or skincare, indeed. And it’s great being surrounded by a team of uplifting persons as well.


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