Why Your Business Needs A Content Writer

“Oh, cool. What’s a content writer?”

That’s usually what I hear when I tell people what I do. Content writing is more of a behind-the-scenes area of running your business, but that doesn’t take away from the value that can be found by hiring a good content writer. 

So, what’s a content writer?

A content writer is a professional writer who creates compelling content for other companies to use online. For example, a business might hire a content writer to create their blog posts and articles for them. Some companies even hire content writers to write their social media posts and emails for them. 

As content writers, we understand what’s needed for content to grab an audience’s attention and to be compelling enough to create connections with the reader. We know how to carefully craft together words in a way that walks your reader through to the sale. 

Content writers are good for business. 

Hiring a content writer ensures that you’ll have valuable, unique, and well-crafted content on a consistent basis. As a business owner, you have an endless to-do list and still only 24 hours in a day. Writing a weekly blog post or newsletter probably isn’t too high on your priorities, but producing consistent content is still crucial to your business’s success. In order to create genuine connections with your audience, they have to know they can depend on your value on a regular basis. Consistent web content also pleases the online algorithms on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, which improves your reach and presence. 

Content writers also maintain a consistent tone of voice across your website, social media, and web content. By piecing together content here and there or outsourcing your content only when you get “too overwhelmed”, you may lose that consistent voice your audience feels connected with. In order to communicate well with your audience, you need to come across as relatable to them in a voice that feels familiar and inviting. Your audience needs to know they can count on your unique value and familiarity, which requires consistency and flow throughout your content. 

Plus, professional writers know how to utilize proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and tone, keeping your brand’s authority intact. 

The process is easier than you think! 

Working with me doesn’t involve a bunch of intense systems or communication boards. Hiring a content writer also doesn’t mean you’re signing off on losing your brand’s individuality, either. Let’s break it down: 

Step 1: Discover Call 

  • In a few easy clicks, you can schedule a free 30-minute discovery call with me right off my website! We’ll hop on either a video or voice call and just chat for a little bit. I’ll ask a couple questions about you and your company and try to get a good understanding of what it is you need and how I can help you. We will go over payment, pricing and all the nitty gritty stuff. If we feel we are a good fit, we move on to step 2! 

Step 2: Onboarding

  • Once a contract is signed and the invoice is accepted, we will start getting to know each other! I’ll send over a super simple questionnaire for you to fill out, so I have a deeper understanding of you and your business. This takes up 5 minutes of your time and helps me craft content unique to your business that will reach and connect with your ideal audience, rather than just another generically written article. I will also ask you to send me anything and everything you have related to your business’s content that may help me understand your brand even more. My goal is not to diminish your personal individuality and voice, but to improve and amplify it. 

Step 3: Creating the content 

  • Once I feel I have a solid vision of your brand, voice and audience, I will create the article, web copy, etc. I’ll send you a first draft of what I come up with and ask for your feedback and comments. By hearing what you did or didn’t like about the piece, or even what else you’d like to see included, I can solidify my understanding even more going forward and narrow in on your personal taste. After I make the changes you request and you’re satisfied, I release the content to you. That’s it! On to the next piece. 

We are a team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

I will never assume that I know your brand or audience better than you do. Your business is your baby and I fully appreciate and respect everything that goes along with that. I’m a business owner, too.

What I will do, however, is work with you to create bold and compelling content that helps to grow your business and audience. I will help you grow genuine connections with your audience and customers that will last. When I’m tasked with creating content for someone, I see it as being part of a team. I do my part, you do yours, and we support and guide each other along the way. One person cannot stretch far enough to cover all areas of a successful business without sacrificing their attention and time elsewhere. Let’s work together to grow your business, instead! 

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