Hey there!

No time for your blog? Stressed over content ideas and struggling with staying consistent with your posts?

Well, what if there was someone who could take over for you and fill your blog with valuable content on a regular basis. What if that person could even help come up with topics?

Hey, I’m Brittany!

I will manage and create your blog posts from start to finish, allowing you to shed the stress and time commitment of creating and managing it yourself. If you just want a second set of eyes on things while you keep the reigns, that works too! My two-tier packages and the option to customize then to fit your needs makes it easy to adjust which management services would benefit you best.

Brittany wrote an article for my blog, and she did a really great job researching and presenting it to my target clientele. I had people interested in reading it before we were even done with the final draft, and it got traffic to my site!
She was also just very pleasant to talk and engage with, and did a great job of finding out what my overall objectives were in sharing this content.
I will definitely keep her name on my short-list for blog ghost-writers!

– Julie R.

Hey, I’m Brittany. Before I decided to become a freelance content writer, I embarked on a short stint as a Virtual Assistant. Before that, I was a stay at home new mom who was trying to discover who I was. I still haven’t quite nailed it down, but that’s the beauty of growth – it never stops.

The to-do list never stops for us business owners, either! When you need someone to take over your blog and keep the value pumping while you focus your energy elsewhere, we should talk.

Brittany’s blog post writing was very on-topic for my project. I gave her a couple ideas on subject matter + the target audience info, and she ran with it. The turn-around was quick, and I didn’t have to follow-up at all. Very professional vibe and a positive experience.

– Ash K.

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